• Profitable business case

    NRG’s versatile technology, expertise and experience allow us to focus on the result: the profitable business case for your next renewable energy project, preferably without the need for government grants

  • Environmentally friendly

    Clean energy: turn secondary fuel streams into a fuel form in commercial demand or increase your energy capacity using (local) feedstock while reducing CO2 emissions

  • Based on proven technologies

    Three different, clean conversion processes combined in one proprietary technology concept result in the most versatile and comprehensive renewable energy installation in the world

  • SMARTPlanned

    SMARTPlanned, our proprietary software tool, facilitates the process of determining the integral investment and return potential for an installation

Sustainable Industry

Growing, storing, creating or processing products is an energy consuming activity. The cost of the electricity and natural gas necessary to run industrial facilities often adds up to a substantial part of the operational expenses.

An on-site MFPP installation generates energy by recycling a wide range of materials. Next Renewable Group, being a full service partner, presents the business case beforehand, organizes feedstock contracting and manages the project from start to finish.

The result? Self-sufficiency when it comes to (for example) lighting and heating, leading to significant savings in utility bills. And equally important: adding an efficient source of sustainable energy to your facility. Meaningful recycling of otherwise wasted materials with negligible residue is fully in line with circular economy and cradle to cradle philosophies.

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